Your First Visit

What happens on your first visit to Spine Fine Chiropractic Clinic?

On your first visit to Spine Fine we will carry out a detailed consultation and thorough examination to help us identify the underlying cause of your problem and to assess whether chiropractic care is suitable for you or if you need to be referred back to your general practitioner (GP) for further tests such as MRI’s or X-rays.  We can also arrange a private referral for MRI’s and X-rays at a private clinic as we have excellent links to the private hospitals in the area.

What happens on your second visit? (usually within 24 hours)

We will present you with your report of findings, giving you a detailed explanation of our findings and the treatment plan course to help you manage your problem.  If you are happy with our findings and treatment plan we can start treatment straight away.

At each treatment visit, we monitor, evaluate, advise and if needed treat you, so that your condition improves and you feel much better.

What happens during the course of treatment?

Although some patients seek out chiropractic for pain relief, our aim at Spine Fine is to provide you with a package of care that will help you to be your best and function as optimum as possible.

3 stages of care to help you manage your presenting complaint. 

You will receive a personalised course of treatment, according to your goals, which has three stages:

  • Pain relief care

Stabilises your condition, relieves the majority of your pain and improves mobility so that you start to feel yourself again; substantially better than when you first visited us.

  • Restoration, correction and strengthening care

Continues improving your pain and mobility issues, and improves your condition beyond basic pain relief so that the actual underlying problem is corrected. This assists in reducing the chances of an early relapse as you return to your normal life, work and hobbies. We encourage you to start to perform exercises and strengthen your core muscles to help stabilise your body.

  • Wellness/maintenance/prevention

After you are feeling your condition has stabilised we can go on to offer you preventative care, which is designed to help maintain good healthy function of your joints, muscles and nerves, prevent relapses and enhance your wellness – enabling you to feel and be at your absolute best.

Why our treatment gives you the best possible value for money:

  1. You will usually receive treatments for several parts of your body at each visit, at the standard fee. So, if you have the very common combination of back pain, hip pain, sciatica and neck pain, we will focus on all of these problems together.
  1. If you happen to have an underlying foot or ankle problem causing you hip or back pain, we will treat both of these issues together at no extra charge to yourself.
  1. You will often receive several types of treatment within the same visit, at one standard fee, as an example if acupuncture is required at the same time as chiropractic care, this will be included. Some visits may include the use of soft tissue therapy and exercise combined (no extra charges).
  1. You will have access to a team of friendly experts who provide a range of the best skills to help you under one roof at your convenience. Quite often, the best solution to helping your problem is a combined approach involving two of our practitioners (chiropractor and sports therapist) working as a team.
  1. We offer a range of payment plans which can help reduce your overall treatment expense and cost per visit (please ask our team at reception about this).
  1. We are recognised by nearly all health care insurance companies, including AXA PPP and simply health. We will provide you with receipts for your payments so that your insurers can reimburse you directly.